• “The technical expertise and knowledge of Bill and his staff is refreshing. When it comes to home automation these guys really know it. When it comes to installation every job is neat, clean, and precise.”

  • “Bill and Michele are the best. Bill set up our system and stands behind his work. If there are any issues, Bill is always availble to help. He returns his calls and is always cheerful.”

  • “CT Home Automation is perfect for the technophile and for anyone who even has trouble changing the batteries on their clicker.”

  • “My husband and I have a comprehensive system in our vacation house including audiovisual, cameras and remote system that controls the lighting, temperature in all zones, media, security system etc. We have had nothing but trouble with the system since it was installed until we found Mr. Bill Fredericks of CT Home Automation. He revamped the entire system and made it truly functional! We are so grateful for Bill and his team.”

  • “We love our home automation and owe it all to Bill and the gang at CT Home Automation.”