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Enterprise Grade Networks and Wireless for indoor and outdoor

At the end of the day, your home automation system can only work if there is a solid, reliable Network installed. Without one the experience interacting with your system can be a disaster. There is nothing more frustrating than pressing the system icon on your iPad and finding out that you are not connected to the network. Now you have to wonder around the house looking for a connection and hoping your Ipad connects.

Today we have access to super high speed, enterprise grade routers, Switches and wireless access points. We can design and build a balanced, high powered network that will guarantee your uninterrupted use of all the systems in your home.

Although we have entered a world of wireless technology, nothing beats a hard wired system. This is a standard practice in new home construction. When building a new home, prewire is key to a system capability and future expansion and upgrades. It is preferred that the design of the wiring system be done at the early stages of the build process. To do this wiring, it is necessary to have a good working knowledge of systems design and a Connecticut State electrical license.

When dealing with existing buildings, even though finished it is still reasonable to add hard wired connections.

Wireless can be used however and with proper layout, will perform at levels you have probably not experienced. Strong connections with high bandwidth will let you wander around the property and never get disconnected.