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Security & Surveillance Systems

The future of security is here. Plain old telephone lines are disappearing. Approximately 700,000 lines are being cut every month. Wouldn'nt it be nice to have an alarm system that could not only contact the Monitoring Company but also send you a text or email alerting you to a problem? We can monitor not only intrusion issues, but Gas leaks, Smoke, Low temperature, Carbon monoxide, and Water leaks.

Today's system can be tied into the home automation controllers and be used to trigger events. Systems can be programmed to run an event sequence every time you disarm the alarm keypad for instance. Maybe turn on a light, open a shade, turn on music in the kitchen and turn up the heat. Surveillance Automation helps you keep a watchful eye around your home or business, even when you're away. View live footage of shops, entrances, nurseries, driveways and pool areas from anywhere in the world. Check up on children, pets or work using your smartphone or tablet. There are thousands of different camera solutions, Let us get you the right camera for your needs.