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Distributed Audio & Video

For some, home theater is a family living room with a flat screen TV, a cable box and an AV receiver - fairly basic but very effective. For others, it's a dedicated room with comfy chairs, a projector, motorized screen and adjustable lights. Regardless, most homes today have many components for watching movies, TV, cable, streaming media, playing games and more. With this, you realize how important it is to control the experience of home entertainment with a single, easy-to-use device. Today, music comes from a variety of places and in many formats including music players, iPods, radio, your PC and online.

Easily control volume, create playlists, see album cover art and even push a button to play perfectly synchronized music throughout the home for your party! With our market-leading remotes and touch screens or your own iPad, you will have access all your tunes like never before. Enhance the home audio experience, and everyone in the family can enjoy what they want - where they want it. Multi-room audio systems make music a true part of the home, offering stellar audio quality and reliable performance. With elegant in-wall or convenient handheld control, navigation is easy and intuitive, while the rest of the system remains out-of-sight, allowing the music to be heard, not seen.

Whole home distributed video gives your family the ability to watch the same movie or other video content in any room throughout your home. Our system consolidates all related equipment in to one central location along with various source devices such as satellite receivers and Blu-ray players. The result is a clutter free home.